Smart Site Survey Service:

Service description:

  • Best effort design: Our Site Survey calculates the exact components and the precise position of these to provide accurate and efficient coverage.
  • Intelligent distribution of APs: you will know exactly where your access points are and the functional status of them.
  • Proactive management of your APs: you will always know the operational status of your Access Points and their level of operation in your wireless network.

Service description:

  • Fault management: detection isolation of  faults found in the network.
  • Configuration management: redINTER manages the configuration of your network devices, configuration files, inventories and software management, So you as our client don’t have to worry about it.
  • Performance Monitor: The performance of your network is constantly monitored,  to make sure it is always working properly.
  • Security Management. Network access is provided only to devices and corporate resources authorized by you.
  • Accounting management: provides accurate information regarding the use and resources of the network.
Enlaces punto a punto

“Point to point and point to multipoint network design”

Las soluciones inalámbricas punto a punto y punto a multipunto proporcionan conexiones de red fiables en circunstancias en las que sencillamente no es práctico emplear una configuración de red cableada, sin embargo gracias al aumento de las tasas de datos y precios más asequibles en el mercado este tipo de redes se han convertido en una alternativa a tener en cuenta, tanto en desarrollos rurales como en enlaces de tipo WAN.

Service description

  • Implement AAA authentication policies to have full control of access and use of available resources on your network. .
  • Identify what’s on your wired or wireless network. Start by understanding what is in your network and how it is affected by it.
  • Apply smarter policies. Whether your device is a smartphone, a printer or a surveillance camera, once you know what’s on your network, it’s time to implement policies that provide you with adequate access to the user and device, regardless of the user, The type of device or the location.

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